I like democracy, tell me more? [FAQ series: Rules]

Democracy! We can start with a noncontroversial enough premise: Practicing something makes one better at the thing. More or less.

Participating in democracy is a complex skill. It requires us to understand how to identify what issues are important, to determine what information is needed to evaluate those issues, to obtain that information from a reliable source, to analyze that information, and to apply that analysis (in the form of voting or advocating in any of a perhaps infinite number of ways).

All those skills have subsets of skills, perhaps meta-infinitely, some of which are requisite and others of which are merely beneficial. And all of which students have the opportunity to practice with democratic education.

And more, we need the motivation to perform these skills. Nondemocratic education forces us humans to suppress our desire to participate in matters of freedom and justice for twelve to twenty years. Our most recent voter turnout, by the way, hit a 60 year low, at 36.4%. That was the same election, of course, in which we reelected 96% of a Congress with 14% approval rating. As a recent nonvoter myself, I’m part of this problem. #oops

Listen to some other nonvoters explain themselves, and then let us know whether you think democratic education can help us:

And what’s worse, nonvoting or noninformed voting? Probably no absolute answer there, just a big need for improvement. What the media shows us, conglomerations, lobbies and all that. Between democratic education and social media, the grassroots will have a fighting chance against the NRA and Monsanto and Big Oil and whatever corporate behemoth you hate most.

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